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Loads of Tools

Hundreds of Amazon Sellers benefit from a wide array of our Amazon Tools ranging from Excel and Google Sheets data formats (CSV) to Inventory Status and Sales Rank and Buy Box Insights

Easy to Use

Our Amazon Seller Software makes it easy to access your raw customer information and order data!

Online Access

No software to download! Access our Amazon Tools using SSL-secured servers, directly from your web browser.


Our Amazon Seller Tools have your needs covered. Look up a customer's information, view details on orders, display items' sales trends, display fees, calculate profits, see your Return on Investment, visualize revenue, Improve your Buy Box Standings. can help. Check our features for more on what we can do for you.

Formatted for You

CSV exports allow you to get the data you want into Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple iWork, Microsoft Access, or any other of your choice if you have external processing to do!

Always Ready

We keep your data current so there's no waiting for batches to download. Every visit to is as current as possible with your orders, finances, inventory, and pricing.

What people are saying...

L. Chapman

" provides thousands of addresses otherwise accessible only manually. Wow!"


" fills the gap for Amazon Seller Central... I would not want to do FBA without it."


" is great. Easy to use and easy to set up."

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