FeedbackGenerator Beta has been retired


Updated 2019/06/08 19:43:07 (UTC)

With any software feature release, there comes a risk that the feature will not stick. This is what has happened with the FeedbackGenerator. There was great reason to create the FeedbackGenerator at the time. We had interest from both Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) and Merhant Fulfilled Network (MFN) customers in wanting to automate some of the feedback generation process.

So we listened, and we created the FeedbackGenerator. The objective was for our system to take a template that you, the Amazon Seller, would create, and mesh it with fields from your customer's order and turn this into a personalized email that would be sent to your customer via the Amazon email proxy in order to thank them for their business and maybe ask them for a review.

In principle, this all worked very nicely, but during the time the feature was rolled out, we noticed that nobody wrote any email templates! Though, disappointing, the simple truth was that it just wasn't the right time and/or the right feature. As such, in order to reduce complexity, which is an inherently good thing in software, we have retired the feature and removed it from the code. For now.

If this (or any other automated email capability) is a feature you believe could still be useful for your organization, then please feel free to send us an email at and maybe we can find a solution for you! Until then, Happy Selling!
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