How is this service different from the Amazon All Orders Report?
Amazon does export all the fields we do. However, we provide analysis features to help you analyze some key elements of your sales that are not trivial to obtain from Amazon's standard exports. Additionally, we can help automate some formatting tasks to help streamline your business's workflows. Contact us if you'd like additional analysis reports or would like to discuss export formatting or other data manipulation.

Where is my customer data going and how does it get there?

Why is everything in UTC?
UTC is an initialism for Temps Universel Coordonné. Since the French initialism doesn't agree with what the English initialism would be, neither language is satisfied, and UTC is the compromise. Amazon talks in UTC, our servers are located in Nevada, our headquarters are in Colorado, we have customers in USA, UK, and some observe Daylight Savings Time and others don't, so for the foreseeable future, we will be operating exclusively in UTC!

Do you accept payment in Currency X?
Our payment processor accepts at least 135 currencies.

I am running out of capacity. What do I do?
When your account order limit has been reached, don't worry -- everything will continue to function. We automatically upgrade your account to the next size bracket. Though your current billing cycle is for fewer orders, once your account has been upgraded, it will finish the cycle at the old rate and only increase to the new bracket on the next cycle.

Can I export Phone Numbers, Addresses, etc.?
You can definitely export these fields. Please see the overview for a list of fields you can export with SellerTools. As we value your store's integrity and compliance, we advise you to read the Amazon Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions to minimize the risk of any suspension of your account. Please read our terms of use for more information.

Can I just export everything I want during the trial and then remove my account?
You can fully use all of the features of SellerTools during your trial. However, exports, due to their nature, can only be downloaded at a maximum of 64KB during trial. If you would like a one-time full export of your data, you may create an account, populate it, export all of your data, and close your account for a single month's fee according to your store's size. Many of our customers pay only $5 or $15 a month, so this is quite an affordable price for a total one-time export of your entire store's sales history. Though this is one option, of course we encourage you to stay with us and let us continue to help grow your Amazon Seller business as we add new features that will improve your business!

What happens when my account is removed?
In the interest of yours and your customers' privacy, we remove all of your customers' information from our servers. In the event that you recreate your account, it will take time to redownload it all again! For some customers this can take anywhere from minutes, up to other customers requiring days! Our pricing has been designed to grow as you grow, and also to be effectively negligible on a per-order basis, so we hope you will stay with us when you create your account!
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