Affiliate Program Overview

How does's affiliate program work?

When you navigate to your secret URL, you will see an affiliate link. Simply share this link with another FBA or MFN Amazon Seller and when they sign up as a paying subscriber, you will receive a 20% discount of their account's value applied to the account which referred the customer. We do not pay out negative balances, but may do so in the future. Either way, you may reduce or eliminate your monthly fees by referring Amazon Sellers other than yourself to use!

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program allows customers to share services they like with other customers and receieve a bonus for doing so. In our case, we offer a discount on your monthly subscription. You may be just an Amazon Seller, but you may also run a website where you could benefit from sharing our services with your readers. You may have a friend or colleague who also sells on Amazon. These are all great people to share your affiliate link with

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