Exports Overview

View your data in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets

Though we offer Interactive Navigation as part of your SellerTools.co subscription, you may wish to export the data from your store in a format you can ingest into another program such as a spreadsheet or another database. SellerTools.co exports your store's data to a Comma Separated Values (CSV) format. You may process your store's data however you wish, once you get it imported. This means you can perform the analysis that is most sensible for your Amazon Seller business to drive up revenue, minimize expenses and/or losses, and increase your profit.

What Can I Export?

We offer two types of exports: History Exports and Shipability Exports.

History Exports show raw data for all line-items in all orders within a selected date range. If an order contains two items, your CSV export will show two lines with mostly identical data with the exception of the item and their associated data such as quantity and price.

Shipability Exports show orders that are in the "Unshipped" state, meaning they are ready to be shipped. This is useful for determining work to be done to keep your order fulfilment as fast as possible.

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