Multiple Accounts Overview

How do I use if I sell in multiple Marketplaces?

When you sign up for a account, you select the marketplace in which you are selling your products. Each marketplace gets its own independent free trial. When you log in to one account with your secret URL, you will see all accounts associated with your email address. Simply click the other account URL, and now you can manage your other marketplace.

How does the billing work?

We offer teired billing. As your all-time sales increases, you will pay different rates according to the pricing schedule. Each of your different marketplaces will cost only the rate for that marketplace's sales. So if, for example, you have one marketplace with 48000 orders and another with 1500 orders, you would pay $30.00/mo for the larger account and $5.00/mo for the smaller account. We will give a self-referral discount as well, which would amount to the $30.00/mo account providing a $6.00/mo discount which would be applied to the $5.00/mo account, making the smaller account free until it exceeded 3200 orders.

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