Revenue Charts Overview

What does a Revenue Chart do for me?

Revenue charts show you how much revenue you have generated. Sales increase your revenue and the area underneath the revenue chart represents how much total money was made during a given period of time. Use a revenue chart to analyze how business decisions are affecting your revenue and ultimately profits.

The software suite shows you the total revenue for either your whole store or a given item over a given period of time at the weekly, monthly, or yearly time resolution. Whether you are selling MFN or FBA, you can gain insight into how your business decisions affect your profit and your bottom line quickly with our revenue charts.

How do I chart revenue from an item?

Using the Interactive Navigation that offers, you may either find an order with an item on it in the orders section, or you may find an item by searching for an ASIN in the items section. Once the item you'd like to chart is located, on the page showing orders that contain the item, you will find a "Chart Revenue" link beneath the title. Click that link and you will see your item's revenue charted over time.

Additionally, you may browse directly to the Chart section of the software, type or paste an ASIN, click Apply, and you will see the revenue for that item charted over time.

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